Snapshot: Sora No Otoshimono

Sora No Otoshimono Manga

Let the media review begins, and at what better place then perhaps one of the best manga and anime series of the last couple years; Heaven’s Lost Property, which is the English translation of Sora no Otoshimono.

My first taste of Heaven’s Lost Property was through the anime, which is rarely ever the right way to start. Similar to books and movies based on books, its often better to start with the writing. However, after watching both season’s of the anime I was able to get around to reading the manga this past week. Well at least as much as I had available to me; considering the story as actually still in production. Today I will be letting you into both the world of the manga and the anime.

For those who haven’t had the fortune of enjoying the series, Heaven’s Lost Property follows the once peaceful life of Tomoki Sakurai. Tomoki has lived in the same city his whole life, and much of that time has been without the care of his parents who are constantly on business trips and vacations around the world. However, he hasn’t been all alone. His neighbor, and childhood friend, Sohara has been keeping an eye on him, and has kept him in line as much as she possibly could. There has also been the girl in Tomoki’s dream that has been keeping him company through his sleeping hours. One day Sohara convinces Tomoki to talk to a peer in their class that is referred to as one of the smartest students in the school, Eishiro Sugata. This is beginning of the demise for Tomoki’s peaceful life. Sugata convinces Tomoki to meet him at a location under a large tree that has been alive for many years in the fields of the city to discover The New Continent as well as find out the real reason behind  this dream. On his way to meet up with Tomoki, Sugata runs into some trouble and tries to warn Tomoki not to go there. The only problem is Tomoki is already at the location, and the cell phone call breaks out during the warnings. This is the night where Tomoki see’s the skies open up and release one of the most important people to him, Ikaros, an angeloid from the Heavens. So yes, Tomoki’s peaceful life has shattered, but a much more interesting and fun filled life has just begun; especially as their friend circle opens up and they meet more angeloids.

That’s the story in only the first couple of chapters of the story. So yeah there is a lot… A LOT… more that happens. The story is really great mixing both ecchi fan service comedy with combat and strong emotional ties and problems. I myself became very attached to Ikaros right from the beginning, and that was before the details about angeloids come into place. Along the journey the group sure does have a great time, as well as some tough ones, as make new friends, compete in absurd compeitions, and take a particular guy who begins to despise the downer (which means human in the series) Tomoki.

Sora No Otoshimono Anime

All that being said the anime follows pretty close to the story for the entirety of the first season, with just a few small changes to character introduction times. For example Nymph, an angeloid that plays a large roll in the story, comes into the story a lot sooner in the anime, then in the manga. There a couple of other small things that are switched around for the purpose of flow, or at least I would assume they are for the purpose of flow. Which is just fine with me. Personally, I like it when the anime has some differences so this way I can still have some chance of surprise when I watch all the characters comes to life.

The second season is where there is quite a bit of difference between the manga and anime. The manga dives quite some more into the darker side with some a particular character that comes into place in Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte. They even cut out a character almost completely from the second season, that comes into a fairly large amount of play in the manga even after the second season. There is a movie that tells her story that was released under the name Sora no Otoshimono: Angeloid of Clockwork; which I will dive into when I do that review. Also, there were quite some difference in the timing when things happened from the manga to the anime. Overall, however, they still told a great story and hit the major plot points.

It was certainly one thing to read all the things that happen in this story, but to watch it made it so much better. They do a great job with the character models and coloring to make everything just pop. The Japanese, and American, voice actors are completely top notch. I love every second that I submerge into the Heaven’s Lost Property universe. It just keeps getting funnier and tugs more and more at the heart strings. I’m looking forward to whatever they creators throw at us next! I highly suggest checking the series out, even if you’re not all that large of a fan of anime. It’s certainly a great time.

Reviewer’s Note: If you do wind up watching the series make sure you watch the bonus scenes after the credits roll at the end of the episode.


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Snapshot: High School of the Dead


Welcome zombie lovers to an anime that has all you desire in a short, manageable, and enjoyable series.

The series revolves around a group of teenagers as the zombie apocalypse occurs on Earth. While they all have their own reasons for survival they soon find each other and begin to work as a group to survive and make the best of the situation. You don’t get much information on each of the characters as the story begins, but you do get to see their personalities evolve due to the harsh conditions and brutal killings occurring all around them.

However, which is more deadly.. the living or the walking corpses. That seems to be the major question in all zombie scenarios. Let’s just face it, when push comes to shove there aren’t really many people you can rely on or trust. Well there is plenty of the darker side of the living throughout this series; from a corrupt and crazy teacher to left wing protesters who don’t believe that the recently dead are really ‘zombies.’ Hell there is even a number of looters that you get to peek in on and some people who are only out for their own safety.

While only about half of the manga is in anime form (and just barely half of the series is in English til the rest of the English copies release later this year), it is more than worth the watch. The only problem is the questions that are left and the want, no, need for more episodes.

There is plenty of action and comedy throughout the whole series; not to mention the amount of boobs and fan service.[lol]

Snapshot: Rosario + Vampire

I spent quite some time watching both seasons of the Rosario + Vampire series, and I must say that it was well worth the time I spent watching the anime.

Before, I even start really talking about the topic of the hour, forget everything you know about vampires.. and well just about every other monster. Also, don’t expect this series to be a downright scray and creepy experience. This series is deffinately a romantic comedy mixed with a lot of ecchi humor and panty shots.

The story revolves around Tsukune, a young man who has failed the high school entrance exam. With fear of his son having to stay back a year, Tsukune’s father runs into a peculiar person who offers papers for Tsukune to attend a school called Yokai Academy. However, to the human race, Yokai academy has a dark dark secret.. it’s actually a school for developing monsters. ‘Monsters’ go to this school to continue their education while learning how to coexist in the human world. On Tsukune’s first trip to the school he finds that he has no cell phone reception and the bus only comes once a month, so he is quite literally trapped there.

Also, within minutes of entering the monester realm he meets a beautiful girl named, Moka. She reveals herself to be a vampire. However, she is completely a sweetheart. However, she reveals that she isn’t as easy as her emotions are sweet. She must wear a Rosary to block her true power, and she is unable to remove the charm herself. (Honestly, Tsukune doesn’t believe a thing she says.. at first..)

However, once classes start Tsukune finds out about the school’s true nature and that everyone of the classmates he is sitting around is a monster. He also learns that humans can’t normally pass into the monster realm, and often hunted when they do. Uh oh.

As the story evolves Tsukune meets plenty of new friends who become infacuated with him. The true question is will Tsukune stay in attendance at his new academy? Will everyone find out that he is a human before he even has the chance to make the decision? What is Moka’s true nature?

The series is a great watch even with its abundance of sappy 10 second love scenes. The fights, although often short, are pretty enjoyable. Also, the many situations that Tsukune gets him in are pretty entertaining. As I said earlier, forget everything you know about monsters (especially vampires) and remember that this is mostly a romantic comedy. However, I’m sure anyone from a noobie anime watcher to an anime veteran will enjoy the series.

Adventure time: Ice king Why did you steal our garbage? Collectors edition 3ds.

First of all if you don’t know what adventure time is shame on you! Your missing out. It’s a funny children’s cartoon on cartoon network. Why do I watch it then you ask? Lets just say when you watch it, you will realize its not just for children. But if you did know what adventure time was then YES they did make a video game. BUT! Only for 3ds and ds users. This comes with the enchiridion Steel-book case that holds all your little goodies in this collectors edition. If you do not know what that is the enchiridion is a book that fin and jake use to carry around it should them how to be aw sum and how to beat up bad guys etc. But later on in the series they end up giving it to a bear that wants to be like fin. And comes back up in the story later on when fin has a crazy nightmare. You get a stylus but it is Finns gold sword witch he dose not use anymore but it used to be the one he used in most of the episodes. You get the book of beasts witch I have never herd of before. And you get the pixleized version of Ooo map witch is your game play map. And of course the game. I have not played this yet it comes out today! And I’m so excited. I will be doing a unboxing video for those who want to see everything first hand. But it has a old school Zelda feel or a pokemon feel. Everything being pixelated like your playing your black and white game boy again.


From the games description from

Finn and Jake wake up one morning to find their trash stolen by the Ice King! Jake couldn’t care less about half-eaten bananas, crumpled up math notes, and old chicken diapers – but when the Ice King uses these stolen goods to construct a Garbage Princess, our heroes embark on a fantastical adventure and teach him a lesson! Journey through the Land of Ooo in an offbeat adventure and discover perilous dungeons, unimaginable treasures, the true meaning of friendship, and never-ending fun!

  • An original storyline and concept written by series creator Pendleton Ward
  • Classic Action Adventure gameplay!
  • Conquer dungeons, collect treasure, and complete quests in the Land of Ooo.
  • Punch, kick, or slash foes with Finn!
  • Use Jake’s magical stretchy powers!


I Am so excited for this game! A New school game with old school twist. of coarse its going to be for children but to me and many fans can see the adult humor in it and favor it for that and the children’s theme. because hey who really wants to grow up?

Sailor Moon 20th anniversary

Hello Everyone! For Who Is Not a Sailor Moons Fan Lets Give You A Quick Description. Hot Girls That Have Magical Powers That Kick Evils Ass All The Time With a Twist Of a Love Story. If You Don’t Remember In America It was on toonami before captain planet and sometimes dragon ball z. If You’re a Fan That loves It As much as I Do You Already bought all the manga  books + preordered them. But in case your just finding out save some money and buy the New Box Set that comes out on Amazon on nov 20th. You save some money and the box is beautiful with art work! So grab this box set while you can.

Remember The art books? If you never went to your local comic book shop and actually saw them you have no idea what I’m talking about. When I was about seven I saw them for the first time. My comic book shop got them imported and they where such a big hit in Japan! But in America we did not receive a English version. About that time when I was seven they were around 70 dollars because of shipping and of course they had to make some money on them. But Today’s Date I have seen them on eBay for around 41 dollars to 200. But before you go spending your money we officially found out sometime in 2013 we get our own art book that has special art that has never been seen before! We do not have a official date but we know that 2013 is the time.

So You Think That’s all the good news? One last thing before I forget. A New Sailor Moon Anime Is Being Released in 2013. World Wide but this does not mean it will be dubbed it might be subbed. That’s All I know. Honestly I want it dubbed I really never get the full affect unless it is. I Want to know what finally happens to sailor moon in the stars series I know I can go watch it on YouTube but I don’t want to spoil it for myself. So I’ve been waiting all this time for a dubbed version of stars and I’m so ready if this happens! No promises though! Hopefully we won’t have that corny intro theme song. I hope we get a real one if this happens. Are You Excited?

Snapshot: Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary about the creation of Indie Games and the lifestyles of those who work on them. The movie goes so much deeper than just a base explanation of the Indie Game scene, but they actually follow the creation of three games in particular; Super Meat Boy (Developed by Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes), Fez (Developed by Phil Fish & Renaud Bedard), and  Braid (Jonathan Blow).

Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky do a wonderful job not only taking a look into the video game development themselves, but bringing the ordinary people, that only get to see the finished product, along with them. The movie was funded by Kickstarter, giving them the chance to follow those mentioned earlier throughout their development process, expo showings, and, even onto the retail aspect of one of the games.

The music, composed by Jim Guthrie, does a great job at accenting the various emotions depicted throughout the documentary. Jim envelopes you into the movie with the various sounds and instruments you hear through out your time in front of the screen. He does a great a job at helping you feel how you see the creators feeling.

There are no amount of words I can really say to captivate all that is Indie Game: The Movie. Honestly, this is probably one of the hardest reviews I have even written because there is just so much I could say, but not so much that I could explain and describe accurately what is accomplished by this movie. The only real way to appreciate this piece of art and piece of informational enjoyment about the creation of video games is for you yourself to check it out. Indie Game: The
Movie is available now!

Derek Padakowski

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Treyarch will be bringing some more science fiction into the world of modern military shooters this coming Tuesday with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game is a sequel to the first Black Ops, but is taking place quite some amount of time after the first game; actually it will be taking place in the year 2025. Yes, apparently we will be in another war in 2025 that resembles the cold war with much better weaponry, as technology and weapons mate to create the spawn of the world’s demise. No I’m kidding, but the weapons and new machines do look pretty awesome, and will aid a group of elite military professionals as they try to being back the Earth’s super powers (greatest and most dangerous nations) back from the brink of deletion.

This will without a doubt be the most ambitious Call of Duty since Modern Warfare opened up the world to what online console gaming could be like. Zombies mode will be back in three different types of stages throughout 5 large maps. You will have the traditional zombies mode where four people traverse a large, and normally graphically beautiful map, as you fight of the waves of people that are trying to eat our brains. However, Treyarch has added another zombies mode to the mix that will include 8 players fighting off the zombies. This mode will split the 8 players into two teams of 4, which will both be trying to be the strongest team to survive this pandemic; while you won’t be able to shoot the other players, will be able to mess with them to try and ensure their demise.

Normal multiplayer has also had some adjustments made to make the game flow much better and become even more addictive fun. One of these key features includes the addition of CODcasting. So remember that little thing Black Ops allowed you to do as far as recording your favorite matches on your console and saving them to show all your friends. Well not only is there that, but CODcasting literally allows play-by-play commentary on everything that is happening in the map! Also, they have changed of the create a character, class leveling, and kill streaks. While I don’t have much information on those, I’m sure hoping it won’t let me down after I have been hyped up about everything else the game has to offer.

Derek Padakowski

Pre-Shot: Little Big Planet Karting

Oh yeah, Little Big Planet is entering the whole karting scene. Actually this year is a decent year for nintendo knock offs; no offense is intended towards Little Big Planet Karting or Playstation All-Stars. Nonetheless, I’m sure this game is going to be a great addition to the Little Big Planet Franchise. It still follows the company’s favorite motto “Play. Create. Share.”

You’ll be able to play a fun packed story with races, combat arenas (that are packed with LBP styled weaponry), and intense boss battles; and that’s only the STORY! Once your done that all you future game creators get to dive into the create mode to build your own intense levels, personalized carts, and, of course, your own sack boys (or sack girls); all of which can be uploaded for other people to download. The game will be 1-4 players local, or a maximum of 8 players online. Also, the game will have 3D functionality (unless your trying to use the Sony dual cast screen.) Who else is excited for this creative and funky game that’s due out some time this fall!

Derek Padakowski