Nuketown Zombies & EXP BOOST

Nuketown ZombiesThe map that the majority population of Call of Duty: Black Ops fans love has just become infested the brain eating corpses. Yes, that’s right Nuketown Zombies has released. Unfortunately, unless you have the season pass for the 360 or purchased the hardened edition of the game, you won’t be able to play it just yet. Nonetheless, you can still watch the really awesome trailer for the pandemonium that will be released upon the small and fun map!

Though, the release of Nuketown Zombies is great news by itself, Activision has announced an even better event scheduled for this weekend! The second Double XP weekend will begin this Friday [starting roughly 10am PST] (December 14th) through Monday [ending 10am PST] (December 17th).


Previously Seen?

 Hey guys it’s Derek! A number of future posts from me might be recognizable to some of you; well that’s if you used to read the things I had to say before. I have been blogging on a couple of different blogs for the last two years, but I will be moving all my reviews right here unto this site, for all to enjoy! It gives all those who may have missed out a chance to hear about some new things, and well make fun of my past review skills! However, don’t worry this won’t hold up any of current reviews we have coming in the near future!

If anyone has anything they would like us to check out or review please feel free to contact us at

Please do remember that none of us are journalists, but rather a group of people just like most of our readers, that are willing to give our insight on the things that matter to us, and we like to impart those suggestions to everyone else to inform them about various medium. If you’d also like to impart some knowledge to everyone you can also e-mail your notes and ideas with your name, state, and country.

Coming Out

Yes, that’s right The Basement is coming out.. well back out, to the community with our second season of hilarious shenanigans and brain wrecking news. Yeah, that’s right you heard it you will soon be able to hear more of Keith Johnson, Darryl Gaines, Melissa McLaughlin, Derek Padakowski, and friends.

First, we’d like to apologize for our long absence (and I’m sure we were very missed) and although we know people don’t like to hear excuses, but hell you’re about to hear at least one right now. We had a lot of hiccups last season due to faulty equipment, computers taking over our universe and deleting some of our best recordings, and of course just personal schedules clashing. While we can’t promise that some of those things won’t happen again in our future, we are quite some amount more invested in not letting it stop us this time around. Also, I’ll be getting a lot more help from the other people that make this show run (or at least I do hope so).

Second, we like to thank all those that supported us during our first run through, and essentially practice trial of the podcast world. All of you that supported us and listened were wonderful, and we hope that you will return to your headphones and give us another chance as we try to get our show back in line. It will take some time, as we are making some new strides, designs, and set-up changes, but hopefully we will make it more than worth your while. (Hell talk of a special Fame & Fortune designed tee for the show has even been tossed around; and well I’m personally working on making that happen so our following can grow and show their support).

Third, if you haven’t heard the first few episodes of the podcast that we started and released about this time last year you can try and hunt them down in iTunes, but honestly we suggest you just sit back and wait, because this time around we’re working on making it BIGGER and BETTER!

So many current thanks, and future thanks to The Basement community and universe.

May what you want, be ever thrusted into your earlobes.