10 Hour Countdown!


In just under 10 hours one of the [hopefully] greatest sequels will be released here in the USA for consumers! Yes, Bioshock Ininite will be released via various midnight releases on the east coast! Leaving everyone else the option to go pick it up off the shelves tomorrow morning.

Bioshock Infinite will not be expanding on the story of Rapture anymore, but instead going back in time and exploring a whole new story on the floating city of Columbia. This is where you, acting as the protagonist, will be sent to save a girl from the harsh reality and rebellion going on upon the massive sky city. What will we learn about this new world, this cities inhabitants, and the main protagonists? Well we will find out in mere hours, and all of us here at the basement have never been more excited for another Bioshock game!


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Treyarch will be bringing some more science fiction into the world of modern military shooters this coming Tuesday with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game is a sequel to the first Black Ops, but is taking place quite some amount of time after the first game; actually it will be taking place in the year 2025. Yes, apparently we will be in another war in 2025 that resembles the cold war with much better weaponry, as technology and weapons mate to create the spawn of the world’s demise. No I’m kidding, but the weapons and new machines do look pretty awesome, and will aid a group of elite military professionals as they try to being back the Earth’s super powers (greatest and most dangerous nations) back from the brink of deletion.

This will without a doubt be the most ambitious Call of Duty since Modern Warfare opened up the world to what online console gaming could be like. Zombies mode will be back in three different types of stages throughout 5 large maps. You will have the traditional zombies mode where four people traverse a large, and normally graphically beautiful map, as you fight of the waves of people that are trying to eat our brains. However, Treyarch has added another zombies mode to the mix that will include 8 players fighting off the zombies. This mode will split the 8 players into two teams of 4, which will both be trying to be the strongest team to survive this pandemic; while you won’t be able to shoot the other players, will be able to mess with them to try and ensure their demise.

Normal multiplayer has also had some adjustments made to make the game flow much better and become even more addictive fun. One of these key features includes the addition of CODcasting. So remember that little thing Black Ops allowed you to do as far as recording your favorite matches on your console and saving them to show all your friends. Well not only is there that, but CODcasting literally allows play-by-play commentary on everything that is happening in the map! Also, they have changed of the create a character, class leveling, and kill streaks. While I don’t have much information on those, I’m sure hoping it won’t let me down after I have been hyped up about everything else the game has to offer.

Derek Padakowski

Pre-Shot: Little Big Planet Karting

Oh yeah, Little Big Planet is entering the whole karting scene. Actually this year is a decent year for nintendo knock offs; no offense is intended towards Little Big Planet Karting or Playstation All-Stars. Nonetheless, I’m sure this game is going to be a great addition to the Little Big Planet Franchise. It still follows the company’s favorite motto “Play. Create. Share.”

You’ll be able to play a fun packed story with races, combat arenas (that are packed with LBP styled weaponry), and intense boss battles; and that’s only the STORY! Once your done that all you future game creators get to dive into the create mode to build your own intense levels, personalized carts, and, of course, your own sack boys (or sack girls); all of which can be uploaded for other people to download. The game will be 1-4 players local, or a maximum of 8 players online. Also, the game will have 3D functionality (unless your trying to use the Sony dual cast screen.) Who else is excited for this creative and funky game that’s due out some time this fall!

Derek Padakowski