The Basement is an entertaining knowledge spit out of sorts. Not that everything we say will be knowledgeable, but hell you never know whats going to come out of our mouths that may just wind up mattering. We’re a simple group of kids, who just like to talk and other people to listen. While we all come from semi-differentiating back grounds, yet we were all brought together by the powers that be (whatever those powers are; from God to a giant fly spaghetti monster). We believe one of the reasons was to bring together a podcast that could make it a one stop shop for reviews, news, & bullshit.

Reviews from people on the consumer like most others that will wind up listening to what we have to say. They range the spectrum of items, because while we are in our twenties, the majority, if not all of us, still love to play with toys then play a video game or two. Hell we’ll even pick up a book or two (although some of those books are graphic novels; you know.. those books with all the pictures and just a few words.)

News from people that have the same ability to shape the world around us as most others. Yeah we’re not the elite. Hell most of us aren’t even close. Yeah you probably get the majority of your news from more credible news stations via TV & Radio, but that doesn’t mean they are showing all the news. Most stations show what’s in their political agenda, but we will be bringing up the rest. Yeah, not just the humdrum misery news the media showers us all in everyday, but that funky, did you hear about this shit? news.

Bullshit. Well I think that one’s self explanatory. Everyone likes to bullshit with their peers, and some people are weird enough to want to hear the bullshit others are talking about. Whether its to compare your peers to another source, or just to take a your ears on a trip, you can do so with us.

Why don’t we introduce to the cast of the show?

This is Keith Johnson.

The youngest in the group, but no less important. He is the second mind in keeping The Fame &  Fortune Project going, when its up and running, and a dear friend of all the others. He’ll no doubt be a good addition to our talk sessions in the near future.

This is Darryl Gaines.

That black guy. Haha, we’re just kidding, even though that’s probably how he’ll wind up introducing himself. He’s another great friend of the group, with a bounty worth of stories and interesting wisdom to make some droppable ear bombs for those listening. I’m curious to see what crazy things he will say this season.

This is Melissa McLaughlin.

One of the newest additions to our little friend group. However, she has made her way into the hearts of us all. Her favorite topic: Sex. What would our podcast be without that ever favorable topic? Believe me, though, she has plenty to talk about with her job in the beautician world and a bunch of crazy animals in her life.

This is Derek Padakowski.

Essentially the founder of The Fame & Fortune Project and The Basement. However, I would be nothing without the ones noted above. While I made of had the idea to start this podcast, without them there would be no show. The mix of their wonderful personalities is what makes people come back and listen again.


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