Snapshot: Rosario + Vampire

I spent quite some time watching both seasons of the Rosario + Vampire series, and I must say that it was well worth the time I spent watching the anime.

Before, I even start really talking about the topic of the hour, forget everything you know about vampires.. and well just about every other monster. Also, don’t expect this series to be a downright scray and creepy experience. This series is deffinately a romantic comedy mixed with a lot of ecchi humor and panty shots.

The story revolves around Tsukune, a young man who has failed the high school entrance exam. With fear of his son having to stay back a year, Tsukune’s father runs into a peculiar person who offers papers for Tsukune to attend a school called Yokai Academy. However, to the human race, Yokai academy has a dark dark secret.. it’s actually a school for developing monsters. ‘Monsters’ go to this school to continue their education while learning how to coexist in the human world. On Tsukune’s first trip to the school he finds that he has no cell phone reception and the bus only comes once a month, so he is quite literally trapped there.

Also, within minutes of entering the monester realm he meets a beautiful girl named, Moka. She reveals herself to be a vampire. However, she is completely a sweetheart. However, she reveals that she isn’t as easy as her emotions are sweet. She must wear a Rosary to block her true power, and she is unable to remove the charm herself. (Honestly, Tsukune doesn’t believe a thing she says.. at first..)

However, once classes start Tsukune finds out about the school’s true nature and that everyone of the classmates he is sitting around is a monster. He also learns that humans can’t normally pass into the monster realm, and often hunted when they do. Uh oh.

As the story evolves Tsukune meets plenty of new friends who become infacuated with him. The true question is will Tsukune stay in attendance at his new academy? Will everyone find out that he is a human before he even has the chance to make the decision? What is Moka’s true nature?

The series is a great watch even with its abundance of sappy 10 second love scenes. The fights, although often short, are pretty enjoyable. Also, the many situations that Tsukune gets him in are pretty entertaining. As I said earlier, forget everything you know about monsters (especially vampires) and remember that this is mostly a romantic comedy. However, I’m sure anyone from a noobie anime watcher to an anime veteran will enjoy the series.


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