Snapshot: Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary about the creation of Indie Games and the lifestyles of those who work on them. The movie goes so much deeper than just a base explanation of the Indie Game scene, but they actually follow the creation of three games in particular; Super Meat Boy (Developed by Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes), Fez (Developed by Phil Fish & Renaud Bedard), and  Braid (Jonathan Blow).

Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky do a wonderful job not only taking a look into the video game development themselves, but bringing the ordinary people, that only get to see the finished product, along with them. The movie was funded by Kickstarter, giving them the chance to follow those mentioned earlier throughout their development process, expo showings, and, even onto the retail aspect of one of the games.

The music, composed by Jim Guthrie, does a great job at accenting the various emotions depicted throughout the documentary. Jim envelopes you into the movie with the various sounds and instruments you hear through out your time in front of the screen. He does a great a job at helping you feel how you see the creators feeling.

There are no amount of words I can really say to captivate all that is Indie Game: The Movie. Honestly, this is probably one of the hardest reviews I have even written because there is just so much I could say, but not so much that I could explain and describe accurately what is accomplished by this movie. The only real way to appreciate this piece of art and piece of informational enjoyment about the creation of video games is for you yourself to check it out. Indie Game: The
Movie is available now!

Derek Padakowski


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